Psychological and Emotional Conditions

Stress is an underlying issue in many of the people who are affected by ill health in the UK. The effects of too much stress varies from person to person, however it is common for people to experience: upset digestion, palpitations, panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares and skin conditions. Although someone may see an acupuncturist for these symptoms, acupuncture may be used to help address the stressĀ  that is leading to these symptons.

Other commonly treated conditions include low mood and depression, anger and irritability, grief and sadness. Acupuncture is able to treat these conditions as it can rebalance the body restoring normal health physically and emotionally. Acupuncturists view health as a mind-body connection are able to address both aspects of health.

Unlike some complementary treatments acupuncture will not interact with prescription medicines, and may be useful when coming off prescribed medications.

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