How Acupuncture Treatments Proceed

During the first appointment the acupuncturist will take a full history and make a diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will include tongue and pulse diagnosis. The acupuncturist will then begin treatment by inserting needles into the appropriate acupuncture points based on the diagnosis. The needles may be left in for up to half an hour. The acupuncturist will remove the needles and may give advice for the patient to follow (e.g. dietary, exercise, relaxation or lifestyle advice).

How often do I need to have an acupuncture session?
In China, patients are often treated every second day but in a Western clinic this is often not feasible. For an acute onset condition, two treatments in one week may be recommended but only 1-2 sessions may be required for full relief. For longer term conditions, a patient will typically visit weekly or every 2 weeks with most complaints requiring between 3 and 8 treatments. Your specific treatment plan will be discussed with you on your first visit. If you are seeking treatment for infertility and your period cycle is irregular or there is pronounced PMS, then longer treatment is required to address the underlying imbalance.

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