Acupressure is the application of pressure to specific points on the the body (acupressure points). The acupuncturist may use it during a treatment on particularly sensitive areas instead of using needles. Also by applying pressure on an approriate point, you can use acupressure techniques as a simple and effective way of treating yourself or a family member, partner or friend. It can be perfect to supplement acupuncture sessions or used on its own. Acupressure techniques can be used to help :-
– backache.
– relieve the discomfort of headaches.
– relieve digestive problems.
– for stiff muscles in the neck or shoulders.
– treat a range of ailments experienced during pregnancy and labour.

At the therapist may use acupressure techniques during an acupuncture treatment and may teach a client how to use acupressure techniques on themselves. We also offer specialised 30 minute lessons to learn the acupressure points and how to apply acupressure. This would include experiencing both using them and how they feel when applied. You will also be given pictures of the points to use and clear directions as to how to find them.

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