Different types of Acupuncture

There are a number of styles of traditional acupuncture. At glasgow-acupuncture we offer Traditional Chinese Acupuncture which is based upon the ancient teachings of acupuncture as well as modern research in both China, Europe and the USA. There are other forms of acupuncture available which, although they use similar needles and are based upon the established acupuncture points, they do not use the underlying knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the diagnosis and treatment techniques used.

Medical Acupuncture teaches about basic acupuncture points but doesn’t teach the depth of theory that TCM applies and doesn’t use any of the traditional methods of diagnosis to decide how to treat someone. This kind of acupuncture is most commonly used within the NHS for pain relief. For example:

Dentists may use acupuncture needles to allow treatment to proceed without the need for anaesthetic.

Physiotherapists may use acupuncture needles as part of their treatment, normally based upon simplified understanding  of needling points.